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                                                         James Lawrence Isherwood (1917-1989)

                                                                                                 "One of the Best Kept secrets in the UK Art World "

                                                  "Isherwoodart.co.uk - Supporting the art of Lawrence Isherwood . First site created 2001"




*** 5 New works added to the "Works for Sale" page. Two stunning London works, plus a Wigan figures work and Landscapes***


Superb work dated 1971. Featuring the Iconic 'Mounted Life Guards' in London.  30 Inches by 20 Inches.


New Isherwood book written by Dr Brian Iddon, a close friend of Ishy. Its available on Amazon and a fascinating insight .



****Fresh Originals added to the Works for sale page !! ****

We have redesigned the Works for sale page, making things easier to view. We are currently building a photo page on the same lines.

*We have a pdf copy of the recent Northern Life magazine article on Ish. We sourced the images for the article - Email request it*


May 2013 - If you have any works you would like to sell , please email the website (below) with images and details . We continually pay more than auction houses


Jan 2013 -  Happy New year All . The Isherwood book by Steve Eckersley will be getting another ltd re-run in paperback early in 2013 after the total sell out of the original hardback press . We will be pre-ordering a number of copies from the author, so we will have stock of it. I know quite a few missed the first press. We are in the process of adding another page of Isherwood photos.


May 2012  - Colin De Rouffingnac , hosted another successful show of Isherwood originals in Standish (Wigan) . Many originals sold on the opening weekend.


New video page !!!  footage of Lawrence Isherwood discussing his works with Frank Booth, a truly great find and thanks to Lisa R for allowing the footage to be used by us at  www.Isherwoodart.co.uk


** Also another 3 superb and fresh works have been added to the works for sale page, some truly outstanding and one off pieces. 


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** Please contact us if you are selling individual or a collection of Isherwood. We continually pay the best prices***


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          ** Works for Sale - Fresh Isherwood works listed 3rd June**



                                                                                            Email - Isherwoodart@aol.com  

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James Lawrence Isherwood of Wigan. In the United Kingdom Isherwood is widely regarded by his followers as one of the best impressionist/expressionist painters this country has recently produced. Born and bred in Wigan. He was an extremely prolific painter and produced his best work between the early 60's up until the late 80's and usually at 3am. 

His work has always been considered as truly original. He has produced some stunning images that adorn lots of wall's in many homes across the country. Isherwood paintings have found there way into collections in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Australia, Portugal, Italy and a variety of other European countries. Lawrence Isherwood was a one-off. Most peoples memories of 'Jim'  involve him walking around Wigan in his trademark cloak and sandals. 

This site will help people gain an insight into Isherwood and his works. All works shown are from private collections. 

This portal is the only permanent exhibition of Lawrence isherwood works. Send in your images for us to show.                



                                                                                               'Southport Seagulls' 30 inches by 20 inches


Isherwood was a great painter and a master of many styles. He was very passionate about his work. Isherwood was a  fulltime artist, he did not worry about material possessions. Painting for 'Jim' was his escape and his life. His brushes breathed fire, thick bold brush strokes dominate his work. He often completed a masterful painting in minutes. 

Isherwood worked with colour superbly. He had the star quality that breathed life into artwork. He was a firm friend of the legendary LS Lowry. Lowry bought a painting from him stating, "I only buy work I like”. Lowry purchased 'Woman with black cat' , which hung proudly in the Alford artist's home until his death. Prince Charles bought an Isherwood seascape in his University days, from Isherwood's famous annual shows at Oxford and Cambridge University's. Lawrence Isherwood is truly an artist’s artist.



                                                                                                    Lowry in his home studio


Isherwood is well known for his highly original  Wigan Style and Wigan figure paintings (shown below). He also produced stunning and highly accomplished images of London a place he loved to paint. His London works, Wigan Street scenes and the thick figure works  are considered his most sought after.

A BBC documentary was made on Isherwood called 'I am Isherwood' in 1974 .If anyone knows of a copy please contact the site . Isherwood was a tabloid dream, he painted a series of 'stunt' paintings. His most famous 'Mary Whitehouse with 5 Breasts' and 'The Bald Beatles 2024' , Jim's impression of the Fab five in the year 2024 complete with bald heads and greying hair. He painted this work in 1964.

Much of his inspiration for painting  came from his mother 'Lily'. He painted her portrait hundreds of times in different guises. Her death in 1973 severely affected Isherwood .Shortly after her death Isherwood toured the continent and painted scenes from many countries across Europe. Even holding exhibitions in Spain and Malta.



                                                                                                            Rain Taxis London , Eros


Lawrence Isherwood's work although highly acclaimed, deserves to be seen by a wider audience. If you do have any information or pictures, you would like to show on the site  PLEASE!!!  send images to our e-mail below.

The more images we receive, the more people can enjoy this great man's work. Authentication issues please call the Isherwood family. Please send in your stories/images about Isherwood .

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A very special thanks to Molly Isherwood, who has kept the estate of this great artist running for  many years. She has helped us in our search for his best work.

Thanks to all  the contributors to this site. Molly Isherwood, Geoff Shyrane, Fraser White, Gordon Burns. They all help make it a success.

With thanks 


*This website and all images included can not be used downloaded or shown in anyway without the express permission of the site and the copyright holder Molly Isherwood*


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